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Very attractive rates for lastminute bookings. Don't miss out and get up to 20% off the rack rates. Book now »

Non-Refundable offer

Get additional 10% off the best available rate when booking our special non-refundable rate. This special discounted rate is non-refundable and the credit card you have provided will be charged at the moment of booking. If you choose to change or cancel this booking, you will not be refunded any of the payment. Book now »

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Stay more – pay less! 3 nights offer
Stay 3 nights or more to get a discount starting 10% off! Please see additional terms and conditions below. Book now »

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Enter where and when you want to stay in the booking form on the top of this page and book your accommodation. The discount will be granted automatically if all the requirements are met. Having troubles with your booking?  Contact us »