Massages - full body, partial, head, massage for couples


Head massage (20 min) 30,- EUR

Calming and relaxing massage, which reduces headache and insomnia, improves concentration, blood circulation – oxygen supply to brain cells.

Feet massage – up to knee (30 min) 30,- EUR

Massage helps to relax tired feet, reduces muscle pain, improves blood and lymph circulation.

Back and neck massage (30 min) 40,- EUR

This massage is great for tired and tense of neck and shoulder muscles. Massage reduces muscle pain, tones and improves the mood, as well as stimulates blood circulation and relieves tension.

Honey massage to reduce the weight (45 min) 55,- EUR

Massage is applied on problematic zone. The treatment combines healing properties of the honey and special massage technique for body shape. During massage blood circulation significantly accelerates and activates the metabolic processes in cells. Massage helps to remove fatty deposits and reduces stretch marks, eliminates extra liquid and reduces swelling. For the results is recommended a course of 6-10 sessions.

Lymphatic drainage body massage (60 min) 55,- EUR

During the massage is used the technique of lymphatic drainage, which is particularly effective for the removal of lymph stagnation. A special massage technique stimulates the lymph flow and helps to eliminate toxins, relieves swelling tissues. It improves blood circulation and metabolism, reduces the amount of body fat. For the results is recommended a course of 8-15 sessions.

Anti – stress body massage (60 min) 50,- EUR

For massage is used lavender essential oil. Massage is based on soft and gentle massage techniques. This treatment helps to eliminate your stress and fatigue.

Chocolate body massage (60 min) 55,- EUR

Massage is done with natural black chocolate. Cacao butter perfectly nourishes and moisturizes skin. Chocolate care relieves stress, improves the mood and stimulates endorphin synthesis.

Relaxing honey massage (60 min) 55,- EUR

This rejuvenating massage is done with natural honey. Biologically active components of pure honey cleanse and nourish your skin, making it soft and healthy. Massage helps to improve blood circulation and removes excess of fluids and toxins.

Relaxing body massage with a warm oil candle (60 min) 55,- EUR

This treatment combines relaxing massage and aromatherapy. Massage is done with a candle that upon burning and melting turns into massage elixir. During this treatment body gets more warmth and massage works more effective. This massage helps to loosen up tight muscles and reach total relaxation. This treatment is nourishing and emotionally liberating, taking perfect care of the skin's well-being and ensuring long-lasting comfort.

Aroma body massage (60 min) 55,- EUR
(90 min) 75,- EUR

This massage balance your energy, helps to loosen up tight muscles and restore skin elasticity. Treatment is done with massage oil and essential oils up to specialist suggestion or your choice.

Classic body massage (60 min) 55,- EUR
(90 min) 75,- EUR

During massage are used European techniques to relieve muscle tension and pain, stimulating blood circulation.

Hot stones body massage (60 min) 55,- EUR
(90 min) 75,- EUR

During massage are used hot basalt stones, which helps to loosen up tight muscles and remove toxins. Massage improves blood circulation and delivers more oxygen to body cells. This massage is very powerful therapy that harmonizes energy and activates biochemical processes.

Sweet orange for couple (60 min + 2,5 h) 145,- EUR

The special synchronous body massage for two persons with mix of massage and aromatics oils, 2,5 hours in SPA active zone; citrus water and tea.

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