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SPA ritual reduces muscle tension and pain and fills your body with energy. The treatment includes skin cleansing and nourishing, body peeling and relaxing or classic massage.

This ritual is a treatment complex - set, which focuses on the most common problem areas of the body. SPA ritual starts with gentle peeling and body wrapping. During the treatment, you can choose to enjoy a head or facial massage and full body massage at the end of a treatment.

The treatment includes gentle cleansing of dead skin cells and full body massage. Massage is performed with hot pindas, which consist of lavender flowers and sea salt. The ritual starts with body peeling, continues with hot pinda relaxing massage and finishes with the application of a moisturising body lotion.

A great solution for strong health and body. Special massage technique stimulates unnecessary fat loss, deep warming, tense muscle relaxation, removes excess fluids and toxins. Honey has a lot of unique properties and this treatment works as a nourishing peeling. Massage strengthens the immune and nerve systems, at the same time being one of the most powerful anti - cellulite treatments. This treatment is not recommended for people with heightened sensitivity to honey and men with a rich covering of body hair.

Natural chocolate wrap reduces stress, nourishes and charges the body with energy. The treatment includes full body peeling, which is followed by a massage with a chocolate and oil blend, full body wrap with natural chocolate. During the wrap you can choose to enjoy a head or face massage.

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