SPA body massage

If you want to reserve any additional SPA or beauty procedure, please indicate it in the description of the application form. VAT (21%) included in the price of the procedure. SPA booking is valid after confirmation. 

Massage helps to relax tired feet, reduces muscle pain, and improves blood and lymph circulation.

This massage is great for for relieving tension of the neck and shoulder muscles. Massage reduces muscle pain, tones - stabilises and improves the mood, as well as stimulates blood circulation and relieves tension.

Massage is based on soft and gentle massage techniques. This treatment helps to eliminate your stress and fatigue.

Especially gentle massage, made with soſt , light and sliding movements, includes natural aroma oil application which positively infl uences on the immune system.

This massage is very common to relieve muscle tension and pain, stimulating blood circulation.

Massage is performed with natural dark chocolate. Cocoa butter perfectly nourishes and moisturises the skin. Chocolate care relieves stress, improves the mood and stimulates endorphin synthesis.

Hot basalt stones are used during massage, which helps to loosen up tight muscles and remove toxins. Massage improves blood circulation and delivers more oxygen to body cells. This massage is the perfect combination of energy, harmony, and relaxation. You can also enjoy a 90 min. SPA procedure for 75,00 EUR.

This rejuvenating massage is performed with natural honey. Biologically active components of pure honey cleanse and nourish your skin, making it soſt  and healthy. Massage helps to improve blood circulation and removes excess fluids and toxins. This treatment is not recommended for people with heightened sensitivity to honey and men with a rich covering of body hair.

This treatment combines relaxing massage and aromatherapy. Massage is performed with a candle, which upon burning and melting turns into massage elixir. During this treatment, the body gets more warmth and the massage works more effectively. This massage helps to loosen up tight muscles and reach total relaxation. This treatment is nourishing and emotionally liberating, taking perfect care of the skin’s well - being and ensuring long-lasting comfort.

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