Herbal and Beer Baths

Cranberry – the berry of health. Cranberries contain active elements that are especially valuable for the skin, delay the ageing process, maintain the optimum level of skin moisture. Tender, relaxing, warm bath, enriched with cranberry extract saturated with vitamin C, instantly removes tension, thoroughly cleanses and nourishes the skin, covers the body with a pleasant aroma.

Flower-milk bath performs real wonders in the event of stress, fatigue, overexertion, as well as returns the joy of life and makes worries disappear. The other property of milk – efficient moisturising and enrichment of the skin with nutrients. It is a legendary agent for beauty, youth and tender skin.

A bath in a wooden plunge tub with a water temperature of 37–38 °С helps in normalising sleep and removing stress and irritation. This pleasant treatment is a real discovery in the area of body care, self care and well being. Hops possess therapeutic properties due to the rich content of essential oils. Hop oil perfectly removes fatigue.

People have long noticed that breathing is exceptionally easy in places where pines and other conifers grow, and the body feels relaxed and invigorated. Needle baths detoxify skin, positively affect the condition of the nervous system, strengthen immunity, improve overall well being and circulation.

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Herbal and Beer Baths

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