SPA etiquette

  • A SPA treatment can be booked over the phone, via e-mail or directly at the SPA reception desk
  • SPA cancellations must be made no later than two hours before a booked treatment
  • When booking a treatment, guests are free to ask for a particular specialist (subject to availability). Please inform the booking administrator, if you have such a request
  • Guests may choose a specialist while booking a SPA treatment in advance. Preferences in this matter should be mentioned to the booking administrator
  • Please arrive at the SPA centre 10-15 minutes before your appointment to allow time to change before your treatment
  • Due to the possible negative knock-on effect on other bookings, guests arriving late may have their treatment(s) shortened or altered
  • A number of body treatments require showering before treatment commences. In such circumstances, guests must shower and wear the bathrobe, slippers and disposable undergarments provided
  • Ladies are recommended to remove all makeup before any skin treatment; gentlemen are advised not to shave less than 3 hours prior to a facial treatment
  • Guests are asked to remove all jewellery including watches, before treatments commence.
  • The SPA administration will not be held liable for articles left in bathrobe pockets, on the toilette tables in treatment rooms, or in public access areas.
  • The SPA administration will not be held liable for valuables left in cloakroom lockers
  • In order to maintain a relaxed ambience within the SPA centre, guests are discouraged from using their mobile phones or having loud conversations
  • Smoking and the consumption of any alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited within the centre
  • In the interests of health, safety, and utmost customer satisfaction, we trust that all guests will understand and conform to our SPA etiquette – Thank You!

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