Jūrmala insight

Jūrmala is the only official resort in Latvia that is well known for its natural riches - mild climate, sea, healthy air, healing mud and mineral waters. The attraction of the city lies on its 24.2 km long white sand beach and spacious pine forests with modern recreation and resort facilities. In every season and time of the year, there is available a wide range of cultural activities and events for every guest of the city.


  • Jūrmala is often called the “Northern Riviera”. Similarly to the Vidzeme coastal resort area northeast of Riga, Jūrmala was formed by uniting several older fishing villages and swimming settlements;
  • Jomas Street is the heart of Jūrmala. The central artery, through which in summer lots of tourists and foreign visitors are flowing. The legend says that the origin of the city can be find exactly here;
  • Here is situated one of the largest elements of the historical wooden architectural heritage - houses with ornamental towers and glass porches is one of the brightest features of Jūrmala;
  • Sandy beach in length of 24.2 km which is well-equipped for everyone, including people with special needs; Jūrmala’s beach is the perfect stage for witnessing both the beauty and strength of nature. In the daytime, the sun heats, cools, lights up and shades the broad expanses of sand and water, while in the evenings it paints the sky in a wonderful palette of colour;
  • Jūrmala is one of the few cities in Europe where one can not only breathe fresh seaside air but also enjoy the natural aromatherapy provided by pine forests. 64% of Jūrmala territory is occupied by nature territories and 34% by forests;
  • In Jūrmala is located also the most popular summer concert hall in Latvia– Dzintari Concert Hall;
  • In Jūrmala is located the largest waterpark in the Northern Europe - Līvu Akvaparks



To find more about tours and leisure time opportunities in Jūrmala, please contact the hotel reception. Information source: www. visitjurmala.lv, www.latvia.travel.lv | PHOTO: Jūrmala City Council, Jūrmala tourism information centre.

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