Exclusive only for Wellton Hotel guests:
Groups of 15 people or more get a 10% discount.

For the first time in Riga, the Garden of Lights will host a light exhibition inspired by the tale of Snow White. This illuminated outdoor event will transport you to a fairy tale world. Regardless of age, all guests will find themselves in the woods and landscapes straight out of the popular story.

Embark on an enchanting journey through a magical garden - a fairy tale world where you, your family, and friends will follow light trails, uncovering the fate of Snow White, the wicked stepmother, dwarfs, and a prince.

In addition to the aforementioned characters, the park features dozens of light installations and unique multimedia attractions, such as a multimedia Christmas tree set to atmospheric music.

Take your loved ones on a fairy tale walk through the forest, where you'll encounter a lost princess seeking refuge from the jealous stepmother and discover a little dwarf house always open to new visitors.

The exhibition is available every day until March 3, 2024.
Riga, Mežaparks, Concert territory, entrance through the 7th gate.

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