Wellton Centrum Hotel & SPA



City view of Street Audeju in 1910. The street was called Weberstrasse back then. 

The building was built in 1873, in eclectic style by architect Otto Dietze for L.Blankenstein’s frame lithography publishing house. The building has changed multiple owners since that time.

Otto Dietze was a German-born architect of the second half of the 19th century. He is known for his work in Jelgava from 1863–1872. He has designed the Latvian pastor St. Peter's House (1864), the synagogue (1868), the railway station and residential houses. In Kuldiga he rebuilt the ancient brick bridge across the Venta River (1874) - the longest brick bridge still in use in Europe, its length is 164 meters. 

In 1875 building’s second facade underwent major renovations works, that were designed and carried out by another that time architect Viktor de Grabbe. It explains why hotel’s facades have two different looks, both unique and complementing each other in its own way.

In recent years frame lithography publishing house building has not been used and virtually destroyed. During the building reconstruction works, it turned out that under the old basement XIII century’s pawing and city wall’s fragments are hiding. Now, these architectural elements and fragments are preserved and incorporated into the hotels interior design.