Medical Tourism - Hair Transplantation Services in Latvia

Medical tourism at the Rubenhair Clinic in collaboration with Wellton Hotels includes:

  • Hair transplantation and treatment at Rubenhair Clinic.
  • 3000 grafts transplanted in 1 day.
  • Certified ISHRS surgeon.
  • Free online consultations before the patient's arrival.
  • Health tests and examinations.
  • 100% guarantee for the work done.
  • Rubenhair Clinic manager support from the first contact to service reception.
  • Transfer services to and from the airport.
  • Welcoming and accompanying the client at the airport.
  • Two nights in one of the  four-star Wellton Hotels
  • Free consultations and monitoring after the hair procedure at Rubenhair Clinic.
  • Postoperative Rubenhair hair care products and appropriate medications provided.
  • VIP service, private tours, concierge service.
  • 100% confidentiality.

Service Offer:

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