If you want to reserve any additional SPA or beauty procedure, please indicate it in the description of the application form. VAT (21%) included in the price of the procedure. SPA booking is valid after confirmation.

SPA facials and body treatments are available from the age of 16.

Treatment for all skin types. Soft and relaxing massage stimulates blood circulation and brings more oxygen to the face and décolleté area. SPA treatment includes facial cleansing and massage with a special application of the cream.

Lymphatic drainage massage of the face, neck and decollete area, improves the microcirculation of the blood and lymph, which promotes the removal of oedema, saturates the tissue with oxygen, improves nutrition of the tissue.

Moistening treatment for the face nourishes and restores the natural lustre of the skin. The treatment includes cleansing of the skin of the face, decollete area, tender peeling, “immediate beauty” mask and a moisturising cream.

A specialist will select the ideal skincare product for your face to ensure a quick and visible effect. The teatment includes tender peeling, a mask, massage of the face and decollete area.

The treatment was specially developed for tired, sagging skin, which requires intensive care. The skin becomes saturated with oxygen, elastic and resilient. The effect of skin lifting is reached, regeneration occurs in the deep layers of the skin.

Strengthening and rejuvenating treatment for tired and tense skin of the face. Reduces skin inflammation and roughness that arises as a result of regular shaving, slows down the ageing processes caused by the harmful effects of the surrounding environment. The massage relaxes the tense muscles of the face. The treatment has a moisturising, refreshing and rejuvenating effect, provides a relaxed and fresh appearance for the face

A deep moisturising treatment for the face, neck and décolleté area. Biomimetic fragments of hyaluronic acid contribute to the production of the body’s own hyaluronic acid via collagen synthesis activation. It is recommended for every skin type and for every age, in dry weather as well as before and after a flight. The uniqueness of the treatment is achieved by means of an innovative massage with brushes, intensified by [comfort touch] special massage. The treatment instantly restores water balance, giving the skin radiance and tonicity and prolonging its youth.

A new generation of cosmeceuticals: revitalising and slowing the skin-ageing process. Massage techniques inspired by the practice of Qigong as well as by modern physiotherapy. Aromatic accompaniment of an oil mixture consisting of juniper oil, copaiba oil, rosewood oil, and cedarwood oil, aimed at opening the mind and strengthening stamina and self-possession, which are vital qualities for dealing with the challenges that a day in the urban environment brings us. Musical accompaniment based on microwave sounding, provides a complete recharge of your body and mind. A serum selected by a specialist according to the needs of your skin: renewal, nutrition, deep moisturising, and correction of the signs of ageing.

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