Mud-Herbal baths

Mud-herbal baths combine the therapeutic benefits of both mud and herbs to promote overall health and well-being. The warm, mineral-rich mud helps to soothe sore muscles, reduce inflammation, and detoxify the body, while the herbs provide aromatherapy benefits and promote relaxation.

Mud has been used in medicine and cosmetics for centuries. Freshwater Green Mud is formed in lakes and contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for human body recovery and skin care.
Freshwater Green Mud has a very high proportion of organic and biologically active substances which allow the valuable components of the mud to be deeply absorbed by the skin. 

Freshwater Green Mud baths can be used for:

  • general relaxation
  • pain relief when dealing with stress
  • the process of healing broken bones and the treatment of psoriasis symptoms
  • strengthening immunity, detoxification
  • healing swollen joints
  • curing fungal diseases

Treatment time: 25 min

Cranberry – the berry of health. Cranberries contain active elements that are especially valuable for the skin, delay the ageing process and maintain the optimum level of skin moisture. 

A tender, relaxing, warm bath enriched with cranberry extract saturated with vitamin C, instantly removes tension, thoroughly cleanses and nourishes the skin, envelops the body with a lovely fragrance.

Treatment time: 25 min

The Flower-Milk bath performs real wonders in the event of stress, fatigue or overexertion. Worries disappear and joie de vivre returns. 

Milk is renowned for its ability to efficiently moisturise and enrich the skin with its nutrients. It holds legendary status as an agent for beauty by helping to maintain soft and youthful skin.

Treatment time: 25 min

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