Body massages

If you want to reserve any additional SPA or beauty procedure, please indicate it in the description of the application form. VAT (21%) included in the price of the procedure. SPA booking is valid after confirmation. 

SPA facials and body treatments are available from the age of 16.

This massage is very common to relieve muscle tension and pain, stimulating blood circulation.

Treatment time: 55 min.

This massage is great for tense of neck and shoulder muscles. Massage reduces muscle pain, tones and improves the mood, as well as stimulates blood circulation and relieves tension.

Treatment time: 30 min.

The technique of lymphatic drainage, which is used during the massage is particularly effective for the removal of lymph stagnation. A special massage technique stimulates the lymph flow and helps to eliminate toxins, relieves swelling tissues. It improves blood circulation and metabolism, reduces the amount of body fat. For the better results is recommended to have a course of 10 SPA treatment sessions.

Treatment time: 55 min.

Soothing and relaxing massage, which allows one to get rid of insomnia, relieve headaches and tension. The treatment stimulates micro-circulation, improves the saturation of brain cells with oxygen, improves concentration and sleep.

Treatment time: 20 min.

The massage is performed topically in areas with pronounced signs of cellulitis. Anti-cellulite massage is aimed at the maximum improvement of circulation, break-up of fats and smoothing of the skin texture. The massage stimulates the correction of body shape and reduction of body weight. Combination with wrapping and pressotherapy is recommended to enhance the effect.

Treatment time: 55 min.

The oil is applied to the skin and a full body massage is applied. Hemp oil relaxes the body with long-lasting effects. Polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3 in this oil are excellent for nutrition and moisturising of the skin.

Treatment time: 55 min.

The combination of refined textures, luxurious fragrances and gentle touches will let your body and soul relax; they will plunge it into a world of tranquillity and pleasure. Recommended for dehydrated and stressed skin. The TRANQUILLITY ritual nourishes the skin, intensely moisturises it, makes it silky, elastic, gives a healthy, vibrant glow back to your skin. Ideal revitalising care for all skin types, especially when exposed to negative climatic environmental conditions. Not recommended during the period of pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Treatment time: 90 min.

Aromatic massage of the entire body with a composition of essential oils. Removes tension, fatigue, recharges energy and harmonises. The aromatic oil will be individually selected by the spa specialist.

Treatment time: 55 min.

The treatment restores balance in the functions of bodily systems, relieves stress and has a calming effect. The massage is performed with the use of basalt that is heated to the temperature of 55 °С. The heated stones are placed on energy concentration points. The massage has a calming effect and promotes deep relaxation.

Treatment time: 75 min.

Soothing aromatherapy body care. Body massage with brushes and music with the rhythm of the heart will help you to achieve a state of deep tranquillity and balance, to recharge your energy. It is an ideal treatment for people under stress, overworked and overwhelmed by a flow of information, suffering from sleep disorders, insomnia, as well as for people after flights. A ritual to make the skin silky, to harmonise the psycho-emotional state, and to improve the quality of sleep. Not recommended during the period of pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Treatment time: 75 min.

Treatments to awaken the processes inside the body, improve the skin tonicity, harmonise the body outlines.

BODY STRATEGIST programmes are a great addition to sports, help during an intensive period of weight loss or prevention.

DOUBLE ACTION MODELLING TREATMENT intensive thermogenic effect — treatment of deep and resistant cellulite — lipolysis stimulation.

TONICITY AND ELASTICITY WITH LAMINARIA remineralisation and tissue moisturising — fight against oedematous cellulite — metabolism activation.

DRAINAGE AND MODELLING WITH BANDAGE powerful lymphatic drainage - reducing puffiness - remodelling of the silhouette.

Treatment time: 60 min.

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