Old Riga Gym&Swim Fusion

Discover unmatched fitness and relaxation experiences at the heart of the city. Wellton SPA Riverside's gym boasts the latest Technogym cardio and strength training equipment. Following your workout, indulge in relaxation at our Aqua Thermal Area. It features a 12.5-meter swimming pool, Jacuzi tub, Hammam, Herbal sauna, and Cedar bath.

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The Fine Print Guide

Before we embark on our harmonious journey together, let's fine-tune our understanding. Details below will help you navigate the subtleties and nuances of our agreement, ensuring every note strikes the right chord. Dive in, and let's create a beautiful symphony of understanding!

  • Validity: memberships allow 8 visits and are valid for 6 months from a date of purchase.
  • Ownership: only one owner allowed per membership.

Discover the Numbers

Embrace Midweek Majesty at Riverside! From Monday to Thursday, let Wellton SPA elevate your fitness and relaxation journey. Dive into an experience where workouts and wellness waltz in harmony. Sync with the city's pulse today!

Embrace Everyday Elegance at Riverside! Every day, from Monday to Sunday, let Wellton SPA be your sanctuary of fitness and serenity. Dive deep into a daily dance of vigor and relaxation. Be one with the city's heartbeat today!

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Meadow SPA Seasonal Ritual

Aqua Thermal Area

Old Riga Gym&Swim Fusion

Private SPA Area

The whole Aqua Thermal Area rental


Body treatments

Body scrub – wrap

Mud-Herbal baths

Rituals in a Hammam

See our contacts to get more info about SPA procedures and treatments.

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