Rituals in a Hammam

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One of the best methods of relaxation. 

This type of massage differs from others, not only by the location where it is applied, but also by the diversity of sensations that you experience during the entire series of treatments.

Treatment time: 20 min

After a 10-minute warm-up in the steam room, the Spa specialist will gently scrub your skin with a kessa glove. Thanks to its gentle action, a kessa glove is even suitable for people with particularly tender and sensitive skin. The procedure actively removes dead skin and allows fresh skin to breathe again. An invigorating contrast shower follows. The procedure allows you to relax while it renews and tones your skin, opens pores, improves circulation and prepares your skin for further procedures.

Treatment time: 30 min

  • Heating up in a Hammam
  • Peel and massage with a kessa glove
  • Turkish massage with soapy lather
  • Massage with olive oil
  • Relaxation with tea in the relaxation area

Treatment time: 90 min

  • Heating up in a Hammam
  • Peel and scrub with Baltic sapropel
  • Soft soap massage with sapropel soap
  • Rub with amber oil. 
  • Relaxation with tea from Latvian herbs in the recreation area

Treatment time: 90 min

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Rituals in a Hammam

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